Commercial Forklift Finance with Bad Credit


A bad credit history doesn’t have to be a burden. Apply now for Business Forklift Finance with Finance One Commercial.

At Finance One Commercial, we understand that the road to success isn’t always smooth.

Our personalised approach helps by assessing your business’ financial situation and catering our Commercial Forklift Financing to fit, where possible.

We know how important equipment is, so we help Australian businesses with a bad credit history, by offering Business Loans for Forklifts and other items.

Apply now and access an easy, stress-free process for Business Forklift Financing.

Personal Loan Range

Loans from $8,000 to $150,000**

Personal Loan Term

Loan terms from 3 - 7 years

Personal Loan Time

Approvals in as little as 24 hours*

What can I use Business Forklift Finance for?

A forklift is an essential piece of equipment for many businesses. Even if you have a bad credit history, talk to Finance One
Commercial about Business Equipment Finance so you can purchase the right forklifts for your business.

Our Business Forklift Finance can cover:

  • Warehouse forklifts
  • All terrain forklifts
  • Side loaders
  • Industrial forklifts
  • Electric pallet jacks & walkie stackers
  • Warehouse forklifts
  • All terrain forklifts
  • Side loaders
  • Industrial forklifts
  • Electric pallet jacks & walkie stackers

Is my business eligible to apply for Forklift Financing?


Are you receiving regular income?

Step 2


Do you want to borrow between $8,000 to $150,000?**



Are you at least 21 years of age?

Step 2

Credit History.

Sole traders – defaults on your credit file or discharged from bankruptcy?

Why Finance One Commercial? Because we believe in second chances.

Finance One Commercial takes a compassionate and flexible approach to lending to everyday Australians.

We strive to find finance solutions for everyone – even those who have been rejected by the banks. We go above and beyond to help provide smart solutions to your finance problems.

Flexible Loan Repayments


Finance One Commercial customers can make extra repayments or increase their repayment amount at any time.

100% Aussie

100% Aussie

With offices in Townsville and Brisbane our team is ready to assist you in finding financial success.

Personal Loan Time


Our dedicated support team will get to know you and provide personalised service.

Apply for Business Forklift Financing.

To apply for a business loan, you will need your ABN/ACN, driver’s licence details, basic details about your business (operating years, structure, and turnover) and business account statements.

Let us help answer your questions.

Can I apply for a Loan for a Forklift for my business with a bad credit history?

Finance One Commercial offers loans to purchase forklifts for businesses with a bad credit history. Contact us to discuss your options for Business Forklift Financing so you can help grow your business.  

How much can I apply to borrow with Business Forklift Finance?

The amount of money you can apply to borrow for a Business Loan to buy a Forklift depends on a few different factors. Contact Finance One Commercial and we can explain your options.

What could my interest rate be?

Business Financing in Australia is available from a number of lenders, at a number of different interest rates. If you want to apply for Business Forklift Finance and have a bad credit history, Finance One Commercial may be able to customise an interest rate for you. Interest rates can vary depending on your overall credit profile, including but not limited to, your stability of income and residency status, your credit history and your banking conduct.

What documents will I need to provide when applying for Business Forklift Finance?

At a minimum, Finance One Commercial will require:

  • A completed application form;
  • A signed Privacy Consent form;
  • Identification documents; and
  • The most recent six months of bank account statements of the business, submitted via the secure bankstatements.com link we provide to you.
How long does my business need to be active to apply for Forklift Finance?

Finance One Commercial may consider applicants who have had an ABN for 6 months or more and who are earning consistent income.

How many years could I have to repay my Business Loan for a Forklift?

The terms for your Business Forklift Financing will vary depending on your needs and the needs of your business. Talk to us about the loan you want to apply for and we can discuss your options with you.