Interpreter Services

Interpreter services for customers with limited English

Do you need an interpreter?

Here at Finance One, we offer interpreting services through TIS National to those who wish to speak with us in a language other than English. TIS National help us to provide interpreting services to our customers in more than 160 different languages and dialects.

We want to provide compassionate and customer focused lending services that are inclusive and accessible to all, and we pride ourselves on having customers who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and many different walks of life.

Some of the languages that we can provide interpreter services for include:

Albanian Hazaragi Portuguese
Amharic Hindi Punjabi
Arabic Indonesian Rohingya
Assyrian Italian Russian
Bengali Japanese Samoan
Bosnian Karen Serbian
Cantonese (Chinese) Khmer Sinhalese
Chaldean Kirundi Somali
Chin Haka Korean Spanish
Croatian Kurdish (Faili) Sudanese Arabic
Dari (Dialect of Persian) Kurdish (Kurmanji) Swahili
Dinka Macedonian Tamil
Farsi (Persian) Mandarin Thai
Filipino Myanmar language Tibetan
French Nepali Tigrinya
German Oromo Turkish
Greek Pashtu Urdu
Hakka (Timorese) Polish Vietnamese

If you call us and want to speak with us on the phone in another language, we can arrange for an interpreter to help you with your enquiries and dealings with us (service subject to availability).