Environment, Social and Governance Risk Management.

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Our approach to sustainability focusses on long-term value creation whilst maintaining relationships with our customers, employees, investors, and the communities in which we operate. Risk exists in each element of our business and throughout the environments in which we operate.

We have risk management capabilities in place which assist us to successfully implement our strategic priorities and at the same time enhance a resilient and sustainable business that can respond to the continuously changing environment in which we operate.  

We regularly review and refine our approach to ESG and we recognise that this work will never truly be complete. What matters is that we can demonstrate and quantify our commitment to ESG risk management.

Our ESG guiding principles are


Managing carbon and climate change responsibilities/ water, waste and pollution management / renewable energy and clean technology.

What is it?

The impact of our operations on the environment is important to us and we are focused on environmental sustainability.

Why it is important?

By reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, waste, paper and water usage, we are improving the environment to secure the prosperous success of future generations.

What are we doing about it?

Our aim is to minimize any negative impact on the environment arising from our business. We support long term strategies that aim to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint and improve our resilience.

In order to achieve this, we have adopted the following practices: 

  • Recycling wherever we can;
  • Minimizing our usage of electricity where we can;
  • Utilising electronic communications and various digital technologies and systems to enhance efficiencies and reduce waste. 

We ensure sustainable business practices are implemented in our day-to-day operations and we capture our environmental savings and reports on these where required. 

We are also creating an enhanced risk management framework that is responsive to climate and meets regulators’ requirements.


Human capital development/health and safety/ethical supply chain and sourcing/ human rights and modern slavey/ privacy and data security.

What is it?

Our staff and consumers are the foundation of our business. Their trust in us is invaluable, and we are dedicated to upholding that trust by providing exceptional experiences and outcomes.

We strive to attract and nurture talented individuals, empowering them to unlock their full potential within an environment that prioritises excellence, innovation, and creativity.

Why is it important?

Without our customers and our staff, we would not exist, and it is our responsibility to support their ambitions and financial well-being.

The significance of this approach lies in our dedication to the development and well-being of all people, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards and adapts to the ever-changing requirements of the community.

What are we doing about it?

To achieve this, we are committed to doing what is right for our customers and staff.


We offer innovative lending solutions that meet consumer’s financial needs while adhering to responsible lending principles. In our day to day activities we are committed to assisting our customers, including those who have or are facing difficulties accessing finance. We work collectively with people facing unique financial challenges, such as people who are socially disadvantaged, with prior credit defaults, prior bankruptcies or irregular income. We assist these people to purchase assets, such as vehicles to assist them to return to work, access services and have a meaningful life.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on society by actively participating in efforts to combat and eradicate the exploitation of vulnerable individuals. This commitment extends to both direct and indirect involvement in any form of slavery, human trafficking, or forced labour. We understand the significance of upholding and safeguarding human rights throughout our operations and supply chains, as it is crucial to our organisation, stakeholders, customers, and the communities in which we operate.


Our ultimate goal is to create a brighter future for all, where our employees feel valued, secure, and included in their workplace. This involves embracing diversity, fostering connections among colleagues, and being mindful of our words and actions on a daily basis.

Attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talented individuals is our top priority. We believe in providing ample opportunities for career-long learning and development to our employees. Our workplaces are safe and inclusive, and we value diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, which we believe is essential for the growth of both our employees and the organisation.  We provide training and personal development programs on a variety of topics to staff to undertake during work hours.  We are also actively working towards increasing diversity at all levels of the business and ensuring that our workplaces are inclusive for everyone.


Reporting/board oversight/risk-mitigation and management/ compliance/ business ethics/ training. 

What is it?

As a financial services provider, we operate within a highly regulated environment, and it is crucial for us to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. This not only helps us maintain a positive reputation in the market but also supports regulators in achieving their objectives. 

Why is it important?

Managing legal and regulatory risks is of utmost importance as any failure to do so can have severe consequences for our consumers, the markets we operate in, and our overall business and reputation. Therefore, we ensure that ethical business practices are implemented in every aspect of our day-to-day operations.

What are we doing about it?

In order to meet the requirements set by regulators, industry groups and other stakeholders, we have implemented various policies and procedures.

Compliance plays a vital role in improving our risk management practices and also influences our organisational culture, conduct, and ultimately our reputation.

We take a co-operative approach in our relationships with regulators and fulfill our obligations by proactively identifying compliance concerns, establishing effective compliance systems and procedures, and continuously developing and implementing education and training programs, communication strategies, monitoring and review processes, and reporting mechanisms for compliance.