Business Loans for Bad Credit on the Gold Coast

Bad Credit Business Loans

Don’t be held back by a bad credit history.
Apply for a business loan with Finance One Commercial.

Are you looking to secure a Business Loan on the Gold Coast? Do you have a bad credit history and don’t know where to start? When you have a compromised credit history, finding a Business Loan can be challenging. At Finance One Commercial, we can help Australian businesses find fast and accessible lending solutions. We offer secured and unsecured Business Loans and Finance on the Gold Coast and across the country.

Our team understands the challenges involved in running a business. Competition is tough, bills are consistent and money can be hard to come by. We offer a range of Business Loans for bad credit on the Gold Coast that may be able to support your needs. At Finance One Commercial, our financial products are widely accessible, easy to manage, and designed to help make a difference in your life.

Personal Loan Range

Loans from $8,000 to $125,000**

Personal Loan Term

Loan terms from 3 - 7 years

Personal Loan Time

Approvals in as little as 48 hours*

Options for Business Loans with bad credit on the Gold Coast.

If you’re looking for a second-chance with Business Finance and Loans on the Gold Coast, you’ve come to the right place. Our Business Loans are suitable for a wide range of industry sectors and financial situations. Whether you’re a sole trader facing seasonal fluctuations, a family business dealing with repairs or a large company looking to invest in new equipment, we have got your back.

We offer Business Loans on the Gold Coast to people from all walks of life. Supporting people with poor or no credit history, Finance One Commercial is happy to try and help those with a history of defaults or bankruptcy. Our Business Finance Loans for bad credit on the Gold Coast can be used for the following:

  • Company cars
  • Utes
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Forklifts
  • Commercial use lawn mowers
  • Trailers
  • Food trucks
  • Company car loans
  • Ute loans
  • Truck loans
  • Tractor loans
  • Earth moving equipment loans
  • Forklift loans
  • Commercial use lawn mower loans
  • Trailer loans
  • Food truck loans

Can I qualify for a
Finance One Commercial Business Loan?


Have you been receiving regular income under your ABN for 6 months or more?

Step 2


Do you want to borrow between $8,000 to $125,000?**


Are you at least 21 years of age?

Step 2

Credit History.

Sole traders – defaults on your credit file or discharged from bankruptcy?

Apply for Business Vehicle or Equipment Finance.

To apply for a Business Loan, you will need your ABN/ACN, driver’s licence details, basic details about your business (operating years, structure, and turnover) and business account statements.

The Finance One Commercial advantage.

At Finance One Commercial, we lead from the front in all aspects of Business Finance. Finding solutions where other lenders find problems, we know how to deliver tailored lending packages that work.

We can offer multiple lending solutions, with Business Loans available from $8,000 to $125,000** based on your needs. Understanding the time-critical nature of business decisions, we can provide approvals in as little as 48 hours*. Our application process is based on a tailored approach, which allows us to avoid unnecessary credit checks and focus on the needs of your business.

We can offer Business Loans for people with a bad credit history on the Gold Coast to support you during difficult times. If you would like more information, please contact our team today.

Let us answer your questions.

What steps are involved in getting a Business Loan with bad credit on the Gold Coast?

In order to apply for a Business Loan at Finance One Commercial, you need to fill out our online form or contact our team. The application process is simple and widely accessible — regardless of your financial position. Once we have your details and information, we will work on your application and provide you with timely notification. In many situations, we will get back to you in as little as 48 hours*.

What kind of Business Finance on the Gold Coast do you offer?

At Finance One Commercial, we offer a variety of Business Loans to support a wide range of business interests. We are here to support the unique needs of your business. If you’re looking for a Business Loan for a new vehicle or new equipment, we’ll work with you to help provide the best solution for your unique circumstances even if you have a bad credit history or no credit history.

Do you offer Business Loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval on the Gold Coast?

We offer reliable Business Loans on the Gold Coast and are proud to support people from a range of financial backgrounds. While we don’t guarantee 100% approval in every situation, we do our best to help most people most of the time. If you’ve been discharged from bankruptcy, have defaulted on your credit file or have no credit history whatsoever, we could assist you.

What advantages do you offer for Commercial Finance Loans on the Gold Coast?

At Finance One Commercial, we could help you to secure Business Loans for bad credit on the Gold Coast. We offer a number of advantages over our competition, including simple application, broad accessibility, tailored financial services and reliable customer service delivered with a smile.