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Best Cars For City Driving

May 11, 2017 | Insights

Are you a city slicker in need of a new car to zip around in? Look no further.

Australia is known for it’s vast landscapes in the outback with open roads and off-the-beaten-track trails. It is also, however, filled with large metropolis city’s dotted around the country. Therefore, it is only human for us to want to accommodate to the trials of city life with suitable transport. Enter the best cars for city driving. Compact is usually the pick of the bunch, so you can zoom in and out of lanes and park in even the smallest of spots, but this isn’t necessarily feasible for families or tradesmen. It might be time to refinance and get a taste of the city life! There is a city car to suit all of us, so here is our list of top picks – get ready for your next new car!

Toyota Corolla

Now, I may be overly-affectionate towards Toyotas, but they are just too convenient and zippy for me to not glorify. As Australia’s top-selling small car that is due to hit the big 5-0 this year, we have trouble not loving the size of this small car. As a buyer, you have the options of the sedan or hatch version which now comes standard with Touchscreen audio, Bluetooth connectivity, and cruise control, making those traffic jammed trips to work a little more bearable. Bask in the glory that is the Toyota Corolla or it’s junior counterpart, the Toyota Yaris which is equally as zippy in the city.

Kia Picanto

Only relatively new on the Australian market, but it sure packs a punch after being named Australia’s Best Micro Car by NRMA in 2016. Not only is it a city drivers dream, it is also a favourite for the budget conscious with a $14,990 drive-away price, low insurance costs and a long list of standard features (including automatic transmission!). Kia has also upped its game in the servicing stakes with seven-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty and emergency roadside assistance in addition to its low servicing and repair costs. Just be wary of it smaller back seat and space-saver spare tyre – possibly the only downside to this winner.

Mazda CX-3

It’s a classic ‘mum’ car but with a bit more edge than the usual. This small SUV will make the school drop-offs and trips in the city easy-peasy and it navigates sharp corners with ease. The rear seats are slightly smaller than expected, but not to worry because it’s meant to fit the kids as it’s a family car. Highway driving can be slightly loud, but a standard rear-view camera and cruise control might make up for that…

Mitsubishi Mirage

The ‘baby’ Mitsubishi was the Best Micro Car Runner-up for NRMA in 2016, so there’s no doubt it’s a contender for this list. It is cheap to run and an affordable purchase, but also boasts a five-star ANCAP safety rating – what’s not to love about that? As a city car, it’s not going to outperform on the race track, but performs well in city commuting and is easy to squeeze into parks.

Honda HR-V

Based on the Honda Fit, this subcompact SUV creates city driving ease, even if the kids are playing up in the backseat. The HR-V boasts easy manoeuvrability in tight spots, good outward views, and a standard rear-view camera. The back seats can fold into a variety of formations, so bringing work home or to another location shouldn’t be a problem. It’s one major downside is the noise on the highway, but I guess that’s why it makes the ‘best city car’ list in the first place!

Now that we’ve done all the hard work for you, it’s time to head out for a test drive. Happy city driving – we hope it doesn’t cause more stress than a last-minute family road trip with carsick children!

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