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The Finance One Story

All about our dynamic Australian finance business

In 2010, Finance One saw a need for unique motor vehicle finance products which were not available from most Australian lenders. We have made it possible for car loan applicants to get car finance even when the banks have said "no". Our finance products have continued to expand to now provide alternatives lending for personal loans and small business owners.

Compassionate Financing - The Finance One Difference

Since its launch, Finance One's major point of difference has been its compassionate and personal approach to lending, allowing us to help hundreds of new clients every month.

We are an excellent alternative for finance when other avenues may have been exhausted.

When assessing your application we take your financial situation into account, tailoring a funding package that is suitable for your needs and circumstances. We also offer customer support from the beginning to the end of the loan contract. You can apply for our finance products through hundreds of accredited Finance Brokers across the country.

Our Future

Finance One will continue to grow and improve its range of finance products and services.

We have significant capital and long-term, sustainable funding to maintain our growth. We are well-positioned to continue to offer new financial products to our customers and opportunities to our business partners and investors.

Our month-on-month growth over the past 9 years means that Finance One has become well accepted in the market. Given the high demand for our finance services, we are always looking to expand our broker network and make new connections with potential business partners in the industry.

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