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Top cars for tradies

Oct 19, 2016 | Insights

A tradesman’s car is essentially their livelihood, so get to know the best cars for your profession.

A mode of transport is essential for people to get from A to B, but in the case of Tradesmen it is even more essential for the transport to be able to carry all the tools (and tricks) of the trade. A vehicle is a critical purchase for a trade profession, so it’s only right that if you are going to purchase a new vehicle, it fits the bill of what you require. With Finance One now offering new loan options for commercial vehicles, it’s never been a better time to adventure on the hunt for a new tradie vehicle.

As a tradie, you are going to be exposed to the scorching Australian sun, vast landscapes, and a hardworking mentality, so it is only right that your vehicle is going to work as hard as you do. Here is a list of the best cars on the market for the tradesman that isn’t afraid of some rough and tumble hard work with a side of adventure for those long awaited days off.

Volkswagen Amarok

The luxury car brand has mixed things up and switched sides of the vehicle spectrum, but still manages to deliver a luxury vehicle suitable for any hard knock tradie.

The highly capable and practical commercial vehicle is known for offering its world-renowned class of the VW brand, which is all thanks to the implementation of the hardware and technology from their passenger car range. The 5 star ANCAP safety rating car, though, does have its downfall as the mere size of the Ute makes it more of a construction site vehicle rather than one that you can do a quick run to the grocery store in.

All in all, this car is both strong and robust yet offers great fuel efficiency so those trips to the worksite won’t guzzle the fuel and boasts enough space for all your tradie needs.


Mitsubishi Triton

The ‘best value for money’ Ute is back once again and offers a range of upgrades to make it a perfect sole trader vehicle at base model to an off-road 4WD with upgrades.

The brand itself, however, has developed a great reputation for its comprehensive warranty and servicing plans in addition to their affordable pricing. Mitsubishi Australia is a recognisable brand that offer great servicing plans on a wide range of vehicles. Most worksites would benefit from this robust car as its spacious tray or tub can be filled to the brim with all the tools you’ll be able to afford due to the extra cash to splash from the inexpensive vehicle purchase.


Toyota HiLux

A classic amongst tradesmen is the Toyota HiLux. The vehicle is not only a great tradesman car, but also is a common fixture in the agricultural industry due to its versatility and highly regarded reputation as one of the best Utes on the market.

Although the vehicle has long been the favourite, it has seen the competition slowly catch up over the years essentially making the competition tougher to take out the ‘best tradie vehicle’. The HiLux, however, still offers its signature vast range of vehicle which includes petrol and turbo-diesel, rear-wheel and four-wheel drive, and in basic, ready to work versions to shiny luxury models. This car is iconic to the Aussie tradesman, and the dual cab is notorious to pull up for the kid’s school pickup.


Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger caters to a wide range of duties with both 4X2 and 4X4 models. The popular vehicle was also rated 5 stars in ANCAP safety on all versions of the Ute. The dual-cab variations of the Ranger boast many features that make it a great alternative to the family SUV, but also have the ability to bush bash with its go-anywhere capacity.

The Ranger is a multipurpose car, which can work hard and play harder – perfect for any tradie with an adventurous streak in them.


Mazda BT-50

Much like the Ford Ranger in ability and specs, the Mazda BT-50 is also a common fixture on the worksite and school car park. The beast of a vehicle has a slick design and comes at a reasonable price as far as tradie commercial vehicles go.

The all-rounder vehicle is ranked as one of the most value for money tradies Utes on the market according to CarAdvice.com. Over the years, the Mazda has also progressed from a commercial-orientated work vehicle to a road-orientated commercial vehicle and went through a major styling upgrade in late-2015.

With the help of motor vehicle finance, you could be on your way to looking as cool as a cucumber pulling up to work in your new tradie vehicle, ready for action. Now go out and test drive the cars yourself – you’ll never know how comfortable the driver’s seat chair is without trying it first!


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