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10 Cars To Keep An Eye On In 2022

Apr 29, 2022 | Insights

Look out for your next work vehicle or family car.

With 2022 well and truly underway, those looking at getting a car loan for a new vehicle are eagerly anticipating new car releases. With COVID’s initial brunt behind us, but fuel at an all-time high, more than ever, buyers in the car market are considering future cars and whether an electric vehicle is within reach.

If you’re itching to upgrade your ride but don’t know whether to get in now or wait it out, we are happy to bring you our top 10 upcoming cars to keep your eye on in 2022.


Which care are coming to Australia in 2022?

The selection of new cars coming to Australia in 2022 truly has something for everyone. Whether it’s a car for the family, a luxury car, ute, a hot hatch or even a plug-in hybrid, Finance One are happy to bring you ten fantastic options to satisfy the pickiest of new car appetites.


Ford Ranger

Those waiting for the next generation of Ford’s much-loved utility won’t need to wait much longer. Coming in mid-2022, lovers of the Ranger, including the Ford Ranger Raptor, will be delighted by the new model boasting a six-cylinder powertrain that replaces the previous five-cylinder 3.2 litre and 4-cylinder engine options.

If your business is looking at commercial vehicles for its fleet, then why not use diesel power to drive your company into the new financial year? The Ford Ranger’s 3.0-litre turbo-diesel V6 powertrain engine is sure to get the job done.

Starting from a lower price of $29,190, this ute could help get your business back on track after some tough times, especially if you’ve got bad credit. At Finance One Commercial, we want to help Aussie businesses get the equipment finance they need.


Kia EV6

One of the most anticipated vehicle launches is the all-new electric SUV from Kia Australia, the EV6. Having already arrived in the first quarter of 2022, Kia has really stepped up to the electric power plate, introducing its first modern electric crossover SUV as a performance flagship.

Often, the driving range of electric vehicles is the biggest point of concern for buyers, but thankfully, the EV6 has a battery up to 77.4kWh, meaning its range on just a single charge can be up to 500kms. With fuel prices going through the roof more than ever, Aussie buyers are calling out for an economical mid-size SUV in an electric version.

Being one of the first models to go fully electric from Kia, pricing is still uncertain. That being said, its close competitor, the Hyundai Ioniq 5, is said to open at slightly under $72,000 before on-road costs.

If you’d like to gauge whether an electric car is in reach for you, check out our car loan calculator.


Mazda CX-60

Late 2022 will see the Australian Launch of the Mazda CX-60; sure to excite those who have fallen under the spell of Mazda’s following. Full details are yet to be revealed, but what we do know is that this next-generation version of the Mazda SUV will launch from a new platform, coming in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive traction. New models said to be released also include the CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90 SUVs.

Those keeping up with 2022 car launches will be excited to place this on their car calendar for later in the year.


Toyota Corolla Cross

Toyota is not holding back when it comes to releasing its latest model of plug-in hybrids. This Japanese brand has cemented its place in the small SUV market, and is adding to it with the Corolla Cross.

Frugal buyers will love that it comes in both a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine as well as the equivalent 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

The second half of 2022 will see this plug-in hybrid Corolla Cross hit the market.


Honda HR-V

Honda has admittedly stepped back its position in the Australian market, but that hasn’t stopped car reviews glowing about the early 2022 release of the new generation HR-V. Another SUV in the plug-in hybrid lineup makes for an exciting first half of the car calendar in 2022.


Mahindra XUV700

It may not surprise you that the mid-size SUV market is actually the second largest in Australia — and the Mahindra XUV700 makes affording one a reality for many Australians.

We think that this car is one of the best all-rounder cars coming in 2022; it’s available in either 5 or 7 seats, manual or automatic transmission, you have the choice between a 2.2-litre turbo-petrol or turbo-diesel engine and will enjoy the more luxe finishes such as flush door handles and a 10.25inch multimedia display.

The best part of the Mahindra XUV700 is that it starts at just over $22,000 (excluding on-road costs). The worst part is that we will need to wait until late 2022 before it arrives in Australia.


Subaru WRX

The second quarter of 2022 is almost upon us, and with it comes a new generation model of a popular hot hatch; Subaru’s improved WRX. The WRX line has historically been attractive for its performance, aesthetics and affordability. So if this mid-2022 release stays around the same price point, you can look forward to the all-wheel-drive grip you’ve come to expect with a surprising 2.4-litre turbo-petrol engine.

If you’ve been doing it tough, are self-employed, suffer bad credit or are receiving government assistance benefits, you may have written off the idea of ever owning a sports car. The Subaru WRX new release may just change that for you.


Nissan Z

Competing in the sports car arena is a fresh release of Nissan’s retro-style Z in a sports coupe. Nissan will end an era, retiring its 370Z in mid-2022, just in time to introduce us to its successor, the Nissan Z.

One of the standout features is the Z’s offering of rear-wheel drive with a six-speed manual transmission (this is almost unheard of nowadays)! The 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine is capable of 298kW/475Nm.

If you’re keen to get your loan approved as fast as this car goes, get in touch with our friendly team to see how you could apply in only four easy steps.

Lexus LX 

If you want to blend the unique dynamics of an off-road SUV with a slice of luxury, then the Lexus LX will deliver this in spades. Which quarter of 2022 we’ll see this upper-large SUV is still a mystery, however, we anticipate that its luxury brand will come with the expected price tag.

“Upmarket interiors” and “the best of both worlds” doesn’t need to be completely out of reach – why not check out our tips on how to reduce your car loan repayments.

Cupra Formentor

Another little slice of luxury is arriving in the third quarter of 2022, when Volkswagen’s group, the Cupra Brand, releases its hot hatch, the Formentor. It is a small SUV but with a 2-litre turbo-petrol engine.

Cupra is also looking to bring out hybrid models, but we expect these will make for a pricier electric SUV than some of the others in our top 10 list, but one of the hottest in the electric hatch space.


Are new cars best or should I look for a second-hand vehicle?

Your local range of new vehicles may be lacking, or perhaps your funds just can’t quite stretch you there — we understand that. If you’re looking at four wheels that are pre-loved, then we can absolutely help with that, too. Read our tips on buying a used car.

To discuss your car finance options, or if you’d like to understand more about how we help everyday Aussies get into their dream wheels, get in touch with our friendly team, today.

Disclaimer: The information above is of a general nature only and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice to check how the information relates to your particular circumstances. We do not accept responsibility for any loss arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information.

All loan applications subject to normal lending criteria. Fees and charges are payable. Terms and conditions apply.

The information contained in this blog is accurate only at the date of publication. 

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