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What will cars be like in the future?

Jan 18, 2018 | Insights

What will the future hold?

What will cars in 2050 look like? What will cars in 2078 be able to do? At the rate technology is developing it’s hard to predict what cars will be capable of in 5 years, let alone 50 years. This week we decided to explore some of the biggest questions about the future of cars.


Some companies are developing cars that will be able to drive themselves. One company believes the first step is programming vehicles to drive independently across long straight distances (similar to how road-trains function). This would allow drivers to rest over long drives.

Self-driving cars are expected to be safer (as human error accounts for most of all vehicle accidents). Less traffic congestion, driving under the speed limit and the fastest possible routes are some of the foreseeable perks of self-driving cars.

Environment friendly?

As oil reserves deplete, vehicle manufacturers will need to develop vehicles that will run on alternative sources of fuel. Solar power, electricity and wind are among some of the most environmentally friendly energy sources which are expected to power future vehicles.

Some companies, such as Toyota, are exploring the possibility of fuelling cars with hydrogen. Whatever the future holds, fossil fuels are finite. The pollution-free technology will be a massive breakthrough in the evolution of cars.

Style or uniformity?

In the future, will car manufacturers sacrifice style for uniformity? Films, TV programs and video games set in the future have often depicted a single model of vehicle. Is this an accurate representation of vehicle transport in the future? Were these vehicles mass produced? Do they better protect passengers? To many people, a car is an extension of the owner’s personality. What would it mean if hundreds of makes and models are replaced by a single type of car?

Alternatively, imagine a future were every car is custom-made. Custom number plates, interiors, spoilers, hoods and artwork, steering wheels – what would you customise? Will driving functions be customised to meet each individual driver’s preferences? Some may find it easier to drive with a PlayStation controller or Joystick than a steering wheel.

Calling the Car

Technology has reached a point where phones can wirelessly connect with vehicles. It’s reasonable to assume that mobile phones will play a huge part in the future of car technology. Smartphones and GPSs are being used to contact nearby Taxi services. Many phone applications exist for passengers to specify a pickup and drop-off destination. If cars are developed to be self-driving, we could see a future where we remotely arrange vehicle transport.

Since the introduction of Siri and Google Home, it’s reasonable to believe that soon we will be able to ‘speak’ to our vehicles to complete basic functions such as changing the radio channel or winding down the windows.

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