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5 Top Utes for Tradies

Nov 6, 2020 | Insights

Great tradies need a great work vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of 5 top utes that will fit your hardworking lifestyle and weekend adventures.

Getting to work comfortably and safely is essential when you are a tradesperson. Just any car won’t do when it comes to all of the regulations regarding weight, load, towing capacity and tie-downs. As a tradie, you know the tricks of the trade, and now you can have the perfect vehicle to carry the tools of your trade.

A commercial vehicle loan from Finance One can get you the perfect vehicle to handle the hard-yakka that comes with being an Australian work car. Here is a list of great work utes on the market to help you find a car that works just as hard as you do.


Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

Beginning as a luxury car brand, you can now have the best of both worlds with the VW Amarok. A vehicle built for hard work that includes all the features you need for work and play.

The Amarok has left competitors behind, being the only vehicle in Australia to offer a 6-speed manual transmission with a V6 engine. Also unmatched is its low-range crawler ratio for the really rough terrain — making the Amarok the perfect choice for off-road adventures.

The size of the dual cab ute has its pros and cons. If you’re looking for a daily drive for quick runs to the grocery store, you may have a hard time parking this beast. But if you’re looking for a tray that can fit a pallet in between the wheel arches — look no further! The Amarok has the largest tray in its class, meaning you can fit your crew in the dual cab and your gear in the tray. It can carry a payload of one tonne, and the larger cubic displacement makes engine braking amazing.


Mitsubishi Triton

Mitsubishi Triton

The many options among the Triton range means you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing exactly what you need. Whether you’re after a value-for-money work ute to double as a family mover or a robust vehicle to handle off-road action, there is a Triton for you.

Manoeuvrability is outstanding with its tight turning circle of 11.8 metres, making it the perfect on and off-site vehicle to negotiate tight spaces.

There is a wide range of towing capacities across the different types of Triton. You can find the perfect balance between towing capacity and vehicle payload to suit most towing requirements. So, whether you’re towing the family camper, work machinery or trailer, there’s a Triton to suit your needs.



Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux

A classic among tradespeople is the Toyota Hilux. The vehicle is not only a great tradie car, but also is a common fixture in the agricultural industry due to its versatility and highly regarded reputation.

The Hilux range has a variety of models that start at stripped-back, tough, ready to work models, all the way through to shiny luxury models. The range of vehicles include petrol and turbo-diesel engines as well as rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. If you’re looking for a versatile vehicle to meet a variety of needs, you’ll find it in the Hilux range.

A cabin tech overhaul has seen Apple CarPlay and Android Auto added to the infotainment system to catch up to its competitors.


Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger can carry out a wide range of duties with both 4X2 and 4X4 models. The popular vehicle was also rated 5 stars in ANCAP safety on all versions of the ute. The dual-cab variations of the Ranger boast many features that make it a great alternative to the family SUV that can also “bush bash” with its go-anywhere capabilities.

The Ranger is a multipurpose car, which can work hard and play harder — perfect for any tradie with an adventurous streak in them.

The most you can simultaneously carry and tow is 6,000kgs (gross combination mass). The vehicle weight is included in overall gross combination mass which makes things tricky if you need to tow a heavy load. Towing at the maximum braked capacity of 3,500kgs with a car that weights approximately 2,000kgs means that you’ve only got about 500kgs left for you, your tools and your mates. So, keep this in mind if you’re looking for a vehicle for regularly towing a heavy load while also transporting your crew — you may not all fit in the Ranger.


Mazda BT-50

 Mazda BT50

The Mazda BT-50 is a common fixture on the worksite. This brute of a vehicle has a slick design and comes at a reasonable price as far as tradie commercial vehicles go.

This vehicle holds its own when it comes to towing at capacity and is impressive for lugging heavy loads up and down hills. The large cubic displacement means you get great control at crawling speed and superior engine braking.

Your mates might have a hard time riding with you, as the head clearance in the back is quite low. Short trips with a crew are comfortable though.

The BT-50 is a robust and sturdy workhorse suitable for a range of activities.


We are sure you’ll find the perfect work car among this list. Don’t just take our word for it though — get out there and go for a test drive!

If you’re ready to turn heads on the road and the worksite while making day to day tradie life easier, we’ve got the perfect finance options to help get you into your new set of wheels.


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