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Winter Car Maintenance

Make sure you're winter ready with these handy hints - there's nothing worse than a weak battery on a cold morning.

Posted on: June 14, 2017

Make sure you're winter ready with these handy hints - there's nothing worse than a weak battery on a cold morning.

Although we are all blessed to live in the summer year-round country of Australia, we are still unfortunately susceptible to the curses of the winter months. We may not be use to the cooler times of the year, but we still seem to manage through it. Our cars, on-the-other-hand, have a little more trouble starting in the mornings than even we do! So, make sure your vehicle is armed at the ready for the cool winter mornings, and maybe even a spot of snow for the southern states! Wet and dreary times are ahead, so stock up for the winter and try not to hibernate through your alarms for work…


During winter, your battery is usually the first to go (or at least have trouble getting moving in the morning). If you have unfortunately been burdened with a less than cooperative battery prior to winter, you may want to take precautions in the leadup to winter. Get your battery volt tested and make sure it is in working order. This can be done by your mechanic or at some car-part stores. Avoid the inconvenience of having to call out RACQ and do it when your car won’t start because you put it off when you had the chance! Plus buying a new battery is an expense you don’t usually account for in your weekly budget, so be proactive and get it checked now.


Australia might not get snow in enough parts of the country to be especially cautious of icy roads, but the majority of the country will see wet days ahead. Check your tyre pressure and tread, so you aren’t a danger to yourself and others when on the road to work or drop the kids off in the morning! You should also be a cautious driver during these times as breaking and turning can be a lot harder for your arms to cope and your car to manage. Preparation and foresight is key, my friends.


Maybe it’s time to get up in the morning and force yourself to hit the gym or you might be starting work earlier, but whatever the reason for it, you may find trouble with your windscreens fogging up. Ensure your demister is in working order prior to the temperature dropping, so you aren't constantly wiping the screen with your sleeve or driving with the windows down when it’s 6 degrees outside! It’s probably also a good idea to figure out how your demister works, because it’s usually different on every car.


As the sun starts to rise later and set earlier, you may find yourself arriving and leaving work in the dark. You, along with the rest of peak hour drivers, you should take extra care and remember to turn on your car’s headlights when travelling in the dark. Also make sure that your lights are in working order, so you don’t end up camouflaging in the dark or receiving a hefty fine from the police. Broken tail lights are never fun, especially if it’s in the dark.


Coolant, or antifreeze, keeps your engine from freezing in cold temperatures. If you are up-to-date with your vehicle servicing, your coolant levels should be fine, however, it always pays to be careful! Have a mechanic (or if you’re car savvy, yourself) check your coolant level and top up should you require. If it is exceptionally low, make sure there isn’t a leak anywhere that is causing the coolant to drain out.

Hopefully you are now prepped and ready for winter, but it is always a good idea to check the effectiveness of your windscreen wipers and avoiding parking under trees with falling leaves or your car engine could turn into a compost, doing much more harm than good. Enjoy this time of cooler days and nights and get ready to dig out the winter woollies – we know you’ve been dying to use your new beanie and socks you got for your birthday!


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