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Cars that will make your jaw drop

Posted on: June 25, 2018

Cars that will make your jaw drop

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A car’s design can play a huge part helping car buyers picking the right car. A fancy car can help to make the right impression whereas a less-than-fancy car may send the wrong message. This week we decided to showcase some of the most interesting cars to have ever been manufactured. So brace yourselves and prepare to rub your eyes in disbelief at these "cars".

Jetstream SC250

This model more closely resembles a go-kart than a car. The Jetstream SC250 is hand-built and looks like something released in the 1970s, rather than its year of release in 2008. Manufacturers only developed right-hand drive to accommodate English drivers. We doubt many left-hand drivers would've wanted this vehicle.


Fiat Multipla

First released in 1998, the Fiat Multipla looks like the designer tried designing a vehicle in the shape of duck’s beak (and that’s just the front). The bulging sections of the car appear as though the dimensions of the front windshield never aligned with the of the hood. Whatever the designer had in mind, the car was remodelled in 2004 to attract more buyers. This decision worked out very well.


Jensen S-V8

The Jensen S-V8 appears as though every component of the vehicle was made up of different vehicle parts. Troubles with the manufactures led to a low number of models being released and shortly after the company went into administration. We don’t think many are missing the Jensen S-V8.


AMC Gremlin

Is the AMC Gremlin supposed to resemble the disproportionate body of a gremlin? Who can say? Whatever the case may be, the front resembles a Ford Mustang whereas the back looks out of place. We scratched our heads when we saw this one.



Nissan Cube

Manufactured by Japanese car maker Nissan, the Nissan Cube is a hatchback which appears to resemble a child’s drawing of a car. The Cube certainly lives up to his name with a flat top, flat hood, and flat sides. Despite not being very flashy, the car’s small frame has made it extremely popular for driver’s living in big cities. However, it’s safe to say the Cube won’t be winning any beauty contest.


What do you think?

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