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Top Tips For A Great Used Car Deal In 2017

It's a new year, and many of you will be on the hunt for a new car. Try not to get caught out with these simple tips.

Posted on: January 04, 2017

It's a new year, and many of you will be on the hunt for a new car. Try not to get caught out with these simple tips.

It's a new year, and many of you will also tell yourselves a ‘new me'. With a ‘new me' comes new things and a new car is more than likely on the top of that list. But if your pockets are feeling a little empty after an expensive festive season, why not look at the ever so cheaper and easier to maintain used car, which goes hand-in-hand with a manageable car loan.

No matter what though, it's going to be an expensive process so you want to get the best deal possible for your current financial situation that will suit your lifestyle and work needs.

Shop at the right time of the year

Hold up eager beaver! I know you want a new car now, but if you're in the mindset of penny-pinching, you've got to wait it out. It's common knowledge that for a new car you always wait for the end of financial year sales, or better yet for when the new models come out and snatch up the previous year at a much cheaper price. What you don't know though is that used cars go out the door at a cheaper price around late December as salesmen are trying to up their end-of-year sales figures. Hop onto this bandwagon and you'll be driving yourself straight into the New Year no worries!

Do your research

I know this is a typical tip, but you won't regret it. Trawling through websites like, Redbook, and Consumer Guide Automotive will give you expert car reviews in addition to seeing what actual owners of the model you're looking at have to say about the car. You can then do your research around town (or from afar) and find the best car for you. Used cars may have some mileage on them and a little wear and tear, but for loan purposes it could be your best option. Don't forget most used cars are pretty up to scratch anyhow, or else they wouldn't have any interested buyers.

Salespeople aren't that bad - treat them with respect

It has been a long known ideology that sales people fall under the con-artist category, but these fast-talking, commission loving fellows are easy to budge if you treat them with respect and not try to completely skip out on paying for the worth of the vehicle. If you do your research and not go into a dealership completely blind, they will recognise what you are after and be able to find the best deal for you and get the job done. Don't try to undermine their position with rude and ruthless bargaining tactics as they are just trying to make a living. Mutual respect and prior research will lead to a cheap car and a worthy owner.

Know the 'True Cost of Owning'

You might one day wander into a used car yard and find the car of your dreams at a next-to-nothing, dirt-cheap price, but this can sometimes be fatal. Just be wary of the true cost of owning as it might be cheap to buy, but will it be cheap to maintain? Fuel, services, parts prices, insurance and many more should all be considered as in the long run, it may cause more harm than good.

Utilise these top tips and you'll have no trouble zooming your way through 2017 with a new car and an easy to maintain loan. You'll have not a care in the world as you embrace this ‘new you'.

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