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The Ultimate Guide to Uni Break Road Trips

Hit the road with all your best buds with the help of this handy guide.

Posted on: October 12, 2016

Hit the road with all your best buds with the help of this handy guide.

With end-of-year break on the horizon for many Australian university students, now is the time to gather your nearest and dearest together and take a trip on the open road. Whether it be to the beach, camping out bush, or heading to the latest music festival on the never-ending list of fun times to be had, you can always be sure that the excitement of a road trip may be drowned out by the impending 5+ hours cramped in a car.

The idea of trekking for hours in a car with your uni buds sounds fantastic, but the logical part of your brain may trace back to the times filled with stinky feet, squished seating, back-seat driving, and a horrendous DJ. But never fear, the ultimate road trip guide is here!


Food is almost always a priority in the books of many, and what is an adventure without some killer Allen’s lollies and an abundance of various sandwich combinations? Don’t forget, though that you need to cater for everyone’s favourite foods so a final shopping list should be run by everyone – you don’t want to be that one friend in the back-seat complaining the entire trip that they want maccas because they don’t like any of the food.


There is nothing, and I mean nothing, worse than having to share a back-seat with two other people and pushed back front seats that have your legs locked in until the first pit stop. Make the trip one to remember for the positives and plan your trip around the number of people coming – you never know, you could always borrow the family Toyota LandCrusier and have a great old time rocking out to the best beats of the year and a throwback to the better RnB days.

Also note: blankets and pillows are a must!

Plan for the expected

Make a plan and try your damndest to stick to it! You don’t want to be that friend who only wants to go to the beach and work on their tan, rather than take a stroll in a mythical rainforest.

Have a vote and make certain that all participants in the said road trip are happy with the destinations/pit stops. Stick to a run sheet, but still leave room for spontaneity. Remember you are only this young once in your life, so make the most of the best road trip ever!

But also plan for the unexpected

Things go wrong – it’s just a fact of life. Don’t get too pedantic over driving schedules and who gets the front seat. Just make sure you have a spare tyre, phone charger and a trusty first aid kit and all should be fine and dandy.

Don't forget to enjoy, 'cause uni times don't last forever

Pretty soon you’ll all have gone your separate ways and started full time work, or moved overseas, or just found that adult life has taken over. Saviour these precious moments with your friends in the crumby car that has gotten you through your university years and have a blast exploring these far off places with the people who have gotten you through some of the most sleep-deprived times of your life. Enjoy the never ending desire to stay in the good old days – these are the trips you will be telling your kids about.

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