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Stay Safe This Back-To-Uni Drive

As you gear up to head back to uni, don’t forget to be conscious of your packing to make sure you and your car arrive safely at your destination!

Posted on: February 08, 2017

As you gear up to head back to uni, don’t forget to be conscious of your packing to make sure you and your car arrive safely at your destination!

In 2014 approximately 1.3 million people were enrolled in an Australian university. When it comes to the drive back for the commencement of class that equates to a lot of people on the road. This coupled with the summer holidays means there is a whole lot of drivers needing to get to their destination quick smart.

Some rural students are more economical with this drive having done it before, but for those first years going into the big world of university, they probably haven’t been privy to the way of packing Tetris style and arriving at their destination in a timely manner. Parents will fret over their kids ETAs and rightly so, but if you’re savvy about it there shouldn't be a worry!

Calm down eager beaver

You’re probably giddy with excitement while on this journey into the big, bad world, but perhaps it’s best to put the enthusiasm on hold until you arrive on campus. You don’t want to lose focus on the more than likely long and tortuous drive there. Even so, you could waste all your energy then and have to hit the hay as soon as you get to your new home. Keep your eyes focused on the road and try not to head off into a day dreamers daze while behind the wheel.

Pack economically

For some this may be unfathomable, but do you really need to bring your face steamer to uni? Or any of the other miscellaneous items you are sure to not touch over the course of the semester? By only packing your essentials for the time being will also be great on your drive as your fuel consumption won’t suffer, the car won’t be as heavy to drive, and you’ll actually be able to find things (like your phone charger) when you pull over for a break. Take a look at one of our previous posts on road trips to get some tips on boot Tetris.

Abide by the road rules

Don’t talk on the phone, always stay in the speed limit, wear your seat belt, don’t drink and drive, and follow the road signs. I know it sounds like a given, but when you’re caught up in the moment some things can give. Just stay alert and take stops every 2 hours on a long haul trip. There are reasons for driver revivers and rest stops – they’re there to keep you alert and alive.

Super simple stuff

If you’re headed off to university, it’s more than likely you are young and only new to the roads. You may think you’re an experienced driver, but even the most experienced can make mistakes. It’s quite easy to lose focus on the road, so make sure you get a good rest prior to the drive, use a buddy system if you are driving with someone else, don’t rush, and make sure to pull over and drink some caffeine if you’re starting to feel a little drowsy.

So quit rubbing your eyes and yawning while driving (and actually pull over for a rest if need be) and get excited for the upcoming semester of university! You rural kids will be a long way away from home, so soak it up before you head back for another lot of holidays. Stay safe on our Australian roads and stop, revive, survive.

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