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State Of Origin: Car Edition

Let the battle for the best begin...

Posted on: July 12, 2017

Let the battle for the best begin...

It’s state versus state, mate versus mate. Every year like clockwork, Australians get their winter woollies out, which usually includes a certain maroon or blue jersey. The middle of the year sees the eastern side of the country (along with everyone else in Australia) pick sides and don themselves in their respective colours. It’s the cane toads verse cockroaches, but the question always is, “who will end up on top?”

To celebrate the season of football and friendly competition, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite auto rivalries just for you.

Holden vs Ford

© 2016

You wouldn’t really be considered an Australian if you haven’t been involved in a Holden vs Ford debate at least once. The V8 racing series is the annual climax of the debate without a doubt. The domestic performance scene of Australian auto-racing has always been dominated by the two main players with the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore. You’re bound to see them on both the road and the racing track. As soon as the rubber starts to burn, you’ll hear the crowds cheer. The rivalry has been long over-due for more competitors, but with the Falcon XR8 and the Commodore SS-V having such a large cult following, it isn’t looking to expand anytime soon.

Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro

© 2013

Our Yankee friends have waged this war for what seems like an eternity. Showing off at school parking lots, drag racing down an open road, or revving their engines at stop lights, these two have been pinned against each other since day one. Once Ford released their Mustang, Chevrolet decided it was time to counter with the Camaro, and so it began. The two have spent their years topping each other, but it hasn’t come to a head just yet. Time will tell which comes out on top (or maybe just your diehard friend)…

Ferrari vs Lamborghini

© 2013

Legend has it, Ferruccio Lamborghini thought his Ferrari 250GT had poor workmanship and bad customer service from Enzo Ferrari, so he decided to turn his industrial empire into building exotic sports cars which birthed the Lamborghini brand in 1963. Maybe a little bit of an extreme temper tantrum, but worth it in the long run with Lamborghini running a profit of €10.1 million in 2014. Whether you’re a raging bull or prancing horse type, it’s kind of unheard-of being a worshiper of both. It’s time to pick sides my friends.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

© 2003

Not only do these models look strikingly similar, they also pack a parallel punch on the rally circuit. The two have been head to head since the early ‘90s on the World Rally Championships circuit and continuously knock each other’s sales out of the park come a new edition. Although the Lancer Evolution departed the domestic manufacturers scene too early, they can both still be seen on our streets revving their engines and giving each other the “wanna race?” nod.

Mini Cooper Hardtop vs Fiat 500

© 2017

These two pocket rockets have only recently started a rivalry, but you can see why just by appearance alone. Every 20-something city girl has had her eye on one or the other when shopping for a new car. The Mini was introduced to its new competitor in 2012 when the Fiat 500 was released and the two have been at it in the cute stakes ever since. The biggest decider for most shoppers, however, is that the base Mini comes at the same price as the Fiat high-performance 160-hp Abarth model. I guess it’s a battle of the cheque books and cuteness appeal rather than the engine capacity.

Now that you’ve got your automotive rivalries down pat, it’s time to put on your team jersey and wait for history to be made. This Origin decider is set to be a big one…

Ready to start your own rivalry?

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