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Road Rules You Probably Didn't Know Existed

How many were you aware of?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

When we think of the RULES OF THE ROAD, the big ones always come to mind:

  • Never speed; ⌚️
  • Stop at STOP signs; 📍
  • Always wear seatbelts; 💫
  • Stay within your lane; 🚘
  • No phones while driving. ☎️

As experienced or new drivers, we are cautious of the dozens upon dozens of road rules. We’ve put together a list of some road rules you may not be aware of.

Using your phone as a GPS

If you are using your phone as a GPS, did you know you aren't allowed to handle it any time while driving? In fact, holding your phone or pressing a button is a driving offence punishable by a fine and driving demerit points. Even if your phone is docked, it is not part of the car and therefore is still classified as ‘using a phone’.

Solution: set up your phone’s GPS prior to starting the engine and do not touch it until the engine is off.

Funeral processions on the road

Drivers are not allowed to drive through or interfere with funeral processions. It is not only respectful, it is the law.

Solution: wait until the procession is over before continuing your journey.

Unauthorised beeping of the horn

Did you know that you are not allowed to beep your horn UNLESS you are warning others? Reasonable situations in which you may use your horn are:

  • Alerting a driver who is about to hit you;
  • Alerting pedestrians they are in danger.

It may be friendly beeping to say “hi” or “good bye”, but it is actually illegal and punishable by a fine. If you use your horn for any reason other than a safety precaution, you are violating the rules of the road.

Solution: only use your horn to prevent dangerous situations.

Crossing the road

This one is for pedestrians. If you cross a road on a red signal or do not cross quickly enough, you risk a fine. The same applies to crossing a road within 20 metres of a marked pedestrian crossing.

Solution: walk at crossings and only when permitted.

Stay safe

The most important thing to consider when driving is your safety and the safety of those around you. These rules may seem trivial, but they are in place to ensure safety. For more tips and news, check out our blog.

Safe travels. 🚘


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