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Prepare For Your Easter Getaway

The long weekend is almost upon us, so get packing and prepare to hit the road.

Posted on: April 13, 2017

The long weekend is almost upon us, so get packing and prepare to hit the road.

How is it possible that Easter is almost upon us once again? And like many others, you are more than likely embarking on a holiday with the family to celebrate the long weekend and consume an abundance of chocolate while you’re at it.

So, get ready to hop in the car and bounce away to your destination with the kids buckled up for a wild time. Pack up the camper chairs, don’t forget the carrots for the bunny on his stop, and get ready for some off-road driving (or luxurious travel).

An Autumn chill calls for winter woollies

We Australians are notorious for breaking out the winter socks at any gust of a winter chill. And I’m sure you can all agree there is nothing worse than competing in an Easter Sunday morning egg hunt wrapped up in a blanket and barely making it out of your cosy bed.

If you’re going away, chances are you won’t have access to your warmer clothes, so come prepared with at least a jumper and some warm socks – I can already feel a chill in the air.

Remember the essentials

The beauty of the Easter long weekend is that Australians have the chance to experience a variety of getaways. Whether it be camping, a trip to the beach, or a staycation in your very own city, the opportunities are endless. Come Thursday afternoon, everyone in the office will be giddy with excitement, but it also doesn’t leave much time to get the essentials come 5 o’clock. Everything is closed on Good Friday, so make sure you are fully prepared for whatever holiday may be coming your way in advance. Have the picnic rug ready, the tent pickets on hand, sunscreen, fuel and enough food to sink the titanic in the event of a food shortage.


As we just mentioned, food is very important and come Easter time, chocolate becomes its own food group. Think hot cross buns covered in chocolate, melted Easter eggs from the morning hunt, and a chocolate coma for the afternoon. It is utterly essential that you do not forget the chocolate, even if you’re on a diet. What food is consumed on Easter doesn’t count anyway…

Drive safe

We say this time and time again, but with the school holidays and a long weekend upon us, one thing is certain. The roads are expected to be chockers, so don’t be another statistic and stay safe on our roads. Get a good night’s sleep before you hit the road and don’t let the excitement of four days off get the better of you. Shockingly enough, this advice is more important than not forgetting the chocolate. Remember to drive, revive, survive.

Now hit the road jack! Time is of the essence and those Easter eggs are going to eat themselves. Happy Easter!

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