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Our Favourite Green Machines

The luck of the Irish has us dreaming of our favourite green machines! Here are our top picks.

Posted on: March 22, 2017

The luck of the Irish has us dreaming of our favourite green machines! Here are our top picks.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! St. Patrick’s Day has just sprouted and we will be crying cockles and mussels, alive, alive-O. In celebration of this iconic holiday that Australians seems to hang out for all year round, we have compiled a list of our favourite green machines for some inspiration on your next vehicle loan. Green comes in at number nine for the most popular car colours as listed by Forbes, but the real snazzy ones are few and far between. Cruising along in one of these will have all your friends green with envy, even if you choose a less festive colour, you’re still bound to have a good time in these models.

Mini Cooper

© 2017

Sure this little pocket rocket of a car is in British Racing Green, but it still illuminates the Irish spirit. It’s a true classic for any Mini lover and is wild on the racing track. You also can’t go wrong with the classic white roof and racing stripes for an added ‘cool’ factor. They say red makes you go faster, but they’ve clearly never hit the racing track in this iconic colour.

Mazda 2

© 2017

It wouldn't be a drive to work in Australia without coming across at least one Spirited Green Metallic Mazda 2. As one of the leading car models in boasting bright and quirky colours, our roads have never been so fun since these little elf cars hit the road. It is fun driving and always a guaranteed ‘hit them for 4’ when driving along the highway playing car cricket on those boring road trips.

Hyundai Veloster

© 2017

This Electrolyte Green machine puts the ‘it ain’t easy being green’ in a car. The Kermit the Frog vibes are strong with this one and it edges the line between a flashy high-performance, track ready car and the real world that will get you from A to B on a regular day. An added bonus is that it was named Autobytel Car of the Year in 2012.

Jeep Renegade

© 2015

This off-road beauty is hard to spot due to its Commando Green colour. It’s a brand new model from Jeep and can take off road travelling to a whole new level – guerrilla style. You might be lucky and even get to race those pesky, little Leprechauns around the outback and find that pot of illusive gold at the end of the rainbow!

Ford Mustang

© 2016

Although the Ford Mustang is a favourite in American circles, you can’t really go past this most recognisable car. Colourised in a Gotta Have It Green, the name kinda gives it away that this ‘cool dude’ car is one for the slick. It may not be a notorious Irish make or model, but it sure would look good on those seaside roads of Ireland with the matching green hills in the distance.


© 2000 Delorean Car Show (

Now, it’s not a typically ‘pretty’ car, but it is the time machine from Back To The Future. The DeLorean is one of three car models ever manufactured in Ireland, so it only felt right to include in this list. Ireland is not typically a car manufacturing country, so the production ceased soon after. Nevertheless, this futuristic vehicle can take a green form with a splash of paint and a little determination.

It’s been a pleasure detailing the best green machines, but let’s get back to the celebration of redheads, Guinness, Shamrocks, and I suppose St Patrick himself. Now crack on to a good time.

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