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Most Popular Used Cars For Big Families

Cheap family cars for a bigger brood are hard to come by. We're here to help you find a great option at a reasonable used price.

Posted on: November 02, 2016

Cheap family cars for a bigger brood are hard to come by. We're here to help you find a great option at a reasonable used price.

As a big family, ideally you want to cut costs at every corner and buying a car to cater for all your family members is definitely a huge expense you don’t want to fork out on. Therefore car finance is not only a great option, but will also fit nicely into your weekly family budget.

An even better way to embrace those savings is by investing in a used car, rather than driving a brand new one straight out of the dealership only for it to immediately depreciate. Not only is a used car less costly, but you also get to avoid the hefty GST, stamp duty, and number plate fees that come with a brand-spanking new car. Here are our top picks on cars for big families and small budgets.

Toyota Landcruiser

© 2007 Wikimedia

Before the retro style was reintroduced, the Landcruiser was an ultimate beast of a car that seated the whole family and then some. With the reliable Toyota brand in its name, the 4WD is the perfect car for your children to learn to drive, the family to take many road trips in, and popping open the boot made the perfect substitute as a chair at those Saturday morning soccer games.

It’s got plenty of storage space, and unlike most family cars it has 8 seats, so the entire family can be catered for. A great car to upgrade to once you hit over 3 kids and the clearance makes it easy to see what’s on around you, but not too high for shopping centre limits.

Holden Captiva

© 2015 Wikimedia

This all-wheel drive seats the whole family, but has the body of a city car making parking that little bit more bearable. This is also complemented by its Rear Park Assist to help you get into the trickiest of parking spots.

Inside, the Captiva has got three rows of easily adjustable seating as a seven seater, allowing for a cabin to be choc-a-block full of gear.

Hyundai Santa Fe

© 2010 Wikimedia

The 5-star ANCAP safety rated all-wheel drive can carry 6 passengers plus the driver with additional space in the cabin. Storage is also a great feature of this car, with a middle row arm rest on offer and plenty of cup holders. Additionally, the seat pockets provide enough storage space for the kids colouring books on those long holiday drives.


Subaru Forester


© 2009 Wikimedia

The trusty old Subaru Forester has always been a guarantee to get you from A to B in a comfortable ride. Many a Sunday family drive would have taken place in one of these. No matter how much the kids fight in the back seat, it will always be drowned out by its impressive sound system. The back cabin is also a never ending supply of space that you can pop the kids bikes and then some in there if need be.



Nissan Dualis



© 2010 Wikimedia

Slightly less bulky than the Nissan Pathfinder which makes those school runs in your work break a little less stressful. The front wheel drive can have roof racks installed as a great addition to the vehicle, so it is perfect for an outdoor/beach getaway. It’s spacy and slick, so you can make any trip bearable with the kids bickering in the back seat, and your significant other sleeping in the passenger seat.




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