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How To Spring Clean Your Car

Get your car in tip-top shape in time for spring and never-ending beach trips.

Posted on: August 07, 2017

Get your car in tip-top shape in time for spring and never-ending beach trips.

It’s that time of year again when the birds start chirping, the flowers start blooming, and we escape from another warm Australian winter. Many agendas come the first of September usually include spring cleaning and packing away the winter woollies for another year. While you’re frantically cleaning in your home, don’t forget your car. No doubt it has suffered over the winter months and may be choc-a-block full of dust, dirt, and empty water bottles (or is that just me?). Here is our go-to guide for spring cleaning your car to get it in tip-top shape once again – just in time to start collecting sand come summer beach trips.


It’s time to get the vacuum out and give your floor mats a good hit for dust and a vacuum run. You’d be surprised how much they can accumulate over the course of the winter months. Your shoes get exceptionally dirty as the ground is dewy in the mornings and picks up mud/freshly cut grass better than other seasons. Don’t forget to also get under those seats and pick up all those used wrappers and food containers/bottles to be disposed of in the bin. You may have also accumulated several umbrellas on those overcast days when you forgot to bring one up to work and somehow scored another one on your way home. It’s time to refresh and remove clutter. Don’t forget to also give your dash a good wipe down and reorganise your glovebox. We’ll also keep our fingers crossed you find enough hidden spare change around the ridges to treat yourself to a well-deserved feed.


If you’ve neglected your car washing duties because it’s been too cold to get wet outside, it’s time to repent for your sins. Get ready to give your car the tender, loving care it deserves. Find the bucket you’ve had stashed away, fill it up with water and specially formulated car washing solution (kitchen detergent is a big no-no), and get ready to put some elbow-grease into it. Keep in mind your windscreens, mirrors and tyre caps probably haven’t had a good clean in a while too. Go big or go home we say! If you’re feeling extra domestic, buy a DIY car detailing kit and give it a wax to protect your paintwork from the harsh Australian sun. Also, check to see if your windscreen wipers are still up to scratch while you’re at it and you should be driving just dandy for a while.


It’s time to pop the hood and check out the basics of your engine. Make a check list and run through your oil level, brake fluid, washer fluid, power steering, coolant, and tyre pressure. You should be doing this relatively regularly, but it’s always good to knock them all over in one go, so you can be driving spick and span for spring time. Try not to let these extra checks deter you from booking in your scheduled services though. It’s essential that you keep these up-to-date and have peace of mind from professionals.

Congratulations! You now have a definitive list of vehicle spring cleaning to dos. Now it’s your turn to go out and get your hands dirty, but more importantly your vehicle clean. Make your bonnet sparkle!

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