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How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip Holiday

Planning a road trip? Read our guide for some car packing tips before you hit the road.

Posted on: May 24, 2016

Planning a road trip? Read our guide for some car packing tips before you hit the road.

You may be accustomed to throwing necessities in your suitcase minutes before a trip to the airport, but packing your car for a road trip with the family requires a little more strategy. Bringing the right extras and packing your car efficiently will help make your holiday road trip a smooth, safe experience. Before you hit the road on your annual holiday, take some time to consider the following tips and pack your car with care.

What to Bring

After you’ve packed your personal luggage, make sure you have the following stowed in your car.


If the children are occupied in the back seat, you’ll have a much more enjoyable road trip holiday! Allow them to keep some of their favourite toys and games with them in the back, and download music or podcasts you can play for the whole car.

A snack stash

Instead of stopping at every 7-11 along the way to your destination, bring an assortment of healthy snacks with you. You’ll save time and money, and you won’t have to settle for a servo pie you don’t really want. If you need to break up the trip with a lunch break, you can pack a picnic spread to share at a rest stop or park.

An emergency kit

Play it safe by keeping the following in your vehicle should anything happen:

  • Portable jump starter
  • Motion sickness pills
  • First aid supplies
  • Jumper cables
  • Torch
  • Tools for changing a tyre


How to Pack

You don’t want you family to feel cramped, so keep your bags light and focus on the aforementioned essentials for your road trip. Place what you can in the boot of the car, packing the heaviest items first. Once bulky items like the jumper cables and general luggage are snug in the boot, you can place the snacks at the top for easy access, or keep them in a closed container in the back with the kids.

Make sure that you’re still able to see clearly through your back window after everything is in the car. Allow yourself extra time to play around with the organisation of the car in case you experience an issue fitting everything in before you leave. Once everything is in the car with leg room to spare, you’re ready for your road trip!

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