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Gift Ideas For Your Car Loving Friends

Stumped on present ideas for your friend that's into cars? Here are our top picks!

Posted on: December 07, 2016

Stumped on present ideas for your friend that's into cars? Here are our top picks!

When taking out car finance, it’s a given that those repayments become a high priority. But when this merry time of the year begins to approach more rapidly than a bus on a congested road, we must remember to spread Christmas cheer for all to hear. Your limited budget may make the gift giving a little tighter, but try not to emphasise the Ebenezer Scrooge vibes and get on the Christmas band wagon with these top treats for any car loving fanatic!


The new ‘craze’ of some sorts is the infamous dashcam that has acted as surveillance by recording potential accidents and capturing hoons or scattered drivers in their element on the road. The dashcam, however, is not just for safety purposes. Your car loving friend can use this tech present to record their next 4WD trip in addition to GoPro footage to create the perfect memory bank or capture their next hot laps at the track. The opportunities are endless, but sure are a whole lot of fun! The snazzy Black Vue DR650S-1CH ($349.00) is the best of the best, but for a cheaper alternative give the Clearview Cam ($59.95) a whirl.

Car Care Gift Pack

A clean car speaks a clear mind, so why not gift your car enthusiast friend with the ultimate TLC gift on the market? Most auto shops will stock some form of detailing kit, which will be much cheaper than purchasing each item separately and will also make it easier for gift wrapping. Check out the SCA Car Detailing Kit – 7 Piece for $39.99 or Turtle Wax Ultimate Car Care 8 Piece for $35.88. A Sunday afternoon spent washing the car will bring a week of content with this practical gift.

Car Racer's Dream Box Set

Gather up your movie knowledge and create a list of the most iconic revhead films that will make staying in on a Saturday night that much more enticing. Essentials to the list could include Smokey and the Bandit, The Italian Job, Blues Brothers, Fast & the Furious (your choice on favourite), Rush, and the iconic Taxi Driver. But be sure to mix it up with custom choices for a personalised touch – I’m sure they’ve dragged on about some movie that changed their life at least once!

Gift Voucher

Any revhead would just fall at your feet for an excuse to pop into their favourite auto store. Add a healthy contribution to their next planned purchase or go all out and you’ll both walk away with a smile. This way you get to customise how much you spend, and most stores even offer personalised vouchers to include a photo or message as well as festive themed ones – it adds that special touch to a gift that keeps on giving.

So go out and get acquainted with your local auto store or get savvy with gift ideas. The options to spoil your car loving friend are far beyond this list, but it’s definitely a helpful start to get that Christmas shopping under way.

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