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Classic Aussie Car Adventures

In the spirit of Australia day, we have compiled a list of class car mishaps only Aussie could encounter.

Posted on: January 26, 2018

In the spirit of Australia day, we have compiled a list of class car mishaps only Aussie could encounter.

As we still call Australia home, it's fair to say that the driving conditions we have to endure are certainly an acquired taste. From deceased wildlife hazards to the ‘you beaut' afternoon sun, there's always something to keep us alert and aware when travelling on the Australian open roads (and city streets for that matter too). In celebration of Australia Day, we decided to list the most Australian ways to damage your car. So, pop a shrimp on the barbie (or a snag on the Webber), flick off the cap of your finest XXXX, sit back and have a good ole laugh at these typical Aussie car failures.

1. "So you park your car outside? How's your paintwork going?"

That beaming Australian sun could turn any fair skinned maiden into a well done red Shelia. So, just like our very own largest organ, you've got to protect your car's paint work. Polish your car up, and park undercover if you've got the resources. Walk the extra few metres, and it will be worth it in the long run. The double edged sword of parking under the shade is the bird droppings that come with it. In most cases it does more harm than good, so maybe give that idea a miss.

2. "Can't tell if I hit a roo or the roo hit me"

Picture this: you're driving along the highway on your way home from work and it is kangaroos and wallabies galore along the edge feeding on the grass. Then one decides to cross the road, whilst you're travelling at 100km/hr. Next thing you know, you're cruising down the road with a dint in your front grill and shake to your hands. Now all you need to look forward to is the insurance claim which will be another case of, ‘oh not again,' from the insurers mouth.

3. "Man vs Wild: A Tale of the Bush Bash"

You're not really a true blue Aussie if you've never taken the HiLux out on a bush bash through the dusty plains of our great outback. It truly is a case of ‘this is livin' Barry' so make sure you tackle a couple of flowing streams, and maybe even some rivers to truly test your vehicle. It's also no fun if you don't come home with a white car that has turned a suspicious brown courtesy of its new dust coating. Enjoy it while it lasts though, because your next trip up the Cape could be the final puncher tyre that broke the camel's back.

4. "Took the ute down the beach - now I've got more salt than a packet of Smiths"

It's a blast driving along the sand dunes until you get stuck in some mud and have to be towed out. But no matter what activity you are doing, if you take your vehicle near the salty waters of the Australian coastline, be sure to give it a wash down after (especially underneath). The salty air and water will corrode your beloved car, which will leave you with worse memories than the time you got stuck in the middle of the creek because your boat motor clonked out.

5. "Don't ya just love how the coast is dotted with towns 100km apart? Does wonders for your fuel consumption"

Live in a rural town and wanna do a quick spot of shopping? Sorry that'll be a 1 hour trip to the shopping centre. Constant trips are obviously out of the question, but gee wiz they sure do chew your fuel. Shout out to the town planners of Australia for dotting these towns along the coast. Handy for long haul travelling, but not when you need to pick up a birthday present in a hurry.

Leave a comment with your best Aussie car adventure and we might just crown you the next Russell Coight.

Safe travels. 

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