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Best Apps for Drivers

Making the most of your drives? Find out what are some of the best apps for drivers.

Posted on:October 01, 2018

Making the most of your drives? Find out what are some of the best apps for drivers.

Mobile applications (apps) are continuously being developed to assist drivers in different ways. Car, truck, ute, bus and all other forms of road-vehicle owners can benefit from apps designed to simplify travel. Here is our list for the best apps for drivers.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an extension of the Google product range. Google Maps can offer various routes and the estimated times it takes to reach your destination by those routes. The app also provides nearby recommendations based on what you are looking for (for example a bakery, hairdresser, or a restaurant). Google Maps connects with satellites to pinpoint your vehicle’s specific location. En route to your destination, you can pass the phone to your passenger and have them direct you. Alternatively, you can activate the hands-free feature that enables a voice to guide you to your destination.

If you have an active Google account, you can save your frequent destinations (such as your home, place of work, and local supermarket).

Google Maps is a default app on many smartphones.


While Google Maps is ideal for anyone wishing to drive from A to B, Maps.Me allows you to plot out an extended road trip. Instead of requiring you to in put a new destination upon arrival, you can specify each of the various destinations. Consequently, Maps.Me provides you with a recommended route to reach every destination on your list as well as recommendations for petrol stops, hotels and points of interest.


This app is a must for any car, ute, truck, motorcycle, caravan, bus or any other kind of road-vehicle user. As the name suggests, the app provides you a with a map of all petrol stations and the various petrol types these stations have available.

If you have a preferred petrol station, you can filter the app to only display a specific petrol provider.


Spyglass is a useful device for anyone who drives regularly. Spyglass is an advanced compass and GPS navigation application that simplifies journeys made by car, ute, truck, motorcycle, caravan, bus or any other kind of road-vehicle. The device is also useful for cyclists and people travelling by sea.

The app provides useful tools such as compass, gyrocompass, speedometer, altimeter and more. Granted you may not need all these features but it does come in handy is you find it difficult to read a bird’s eye view map.

Spyglass offers users the chance to view specific locations in a 3D augmented reality. This may make it easier to identify your specific location based on the height of the buildings and landmarks around you.

Learner Logbook (for Learner Drivers)

The Learners Logbook is an app that records the hours you’ve spent driving. The app records the start and end time of your trips, as well as the vehicle’s odometre reading at the beginning and end of your drive.

This main benefit of the Learners Logbook app is that is works for all states in Australia. This may help to speed up the process of getting your vehicle licence.

Safety First

Remember, safety first. It is illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving. Many applications support Bluetooth and can navigate your without requiring you to hold your phone.

Safe travels.

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