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Understanding how finance works can be like learning another language! We have simplified this for you with a few short guides on some of the biggest finance hurdles!

Can Gambling Affect Your Credit Score?

While the occasional bet can be a bit of fun, gambling has the potential to ruin your chances of getting a loan. Will gambling affect your credit score? The answer depends on a number of factors.

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Does Buy Now Pay Later Affect Your Credit Score?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to indulge in some retail therapy, you had to save up the money or rack up a bill on your credit card to make purchases. Things have changed for shoppers in the current generation and Buy Now Pay Later services seem to be all the rage.

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Should I Get a Pay Advance?

Sometimes, payday seems way too far away. If you’re short on cash and can’t wait for your wages to hit your pocket, a pay advance might be worth considering.

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Can I Get a Loan With a Default?

When you fail to keep up with your financial obligations, you run the risk of having a default listed on your credit file. Defaults are not something lenders like to see on your credit report, which can make it difficult to get approved for loans.

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How to Avoid a Direct Debit Dishonour

Using direct debits to manage recurring payments can be a convenient way to effectively keep up with your bills — and some service providers even require a direct debit authority to sign up with them!

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What is an Enquiry on my Credit File?

Did you know? Every time you apply for a loan, it’s highly likely that your application is recorded on your credit file as an enquiry. Find out what you need to look out for and tips on how to increase your chances of getting a loan.

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Top Tips to Help You Save Money Fast

Savings can really help increase your chances of getting a loan. A
good saving is generally an indication of your control on your finances. Lear
tips on how you could set up goals and start saving.

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